Our Roots Are Our Wings

Dynamic Tradition

Founded in 1911, the Lanificio Luigi Botto mill, from the very beginning dedicated its fabric production to the highest standard and quality.

One of the first to devote its production to quality, becoming a pioneer in the Biella textile world. Luigi Botto was one of the first to anticipate the concept of “textile pole” by some decades.

After the flood of 1968 and the subsequent rebuilding of the plant, Lanificio Luigi Botto began its remarkable expansion.

It was an opportunity for strategic rethinking of both the product and the technology used to make them.


Today’s production represent the perfect synthesis between great tradition and a never-ending passion for research and innovation.

Production is entirely managed in-house, using highly skilled staff and the latest technology. Vertical intergration at its best.

The long experience and specialized know-how keep Lanificio Luigi Botto among the leading companies in the Biella region.

We love to call it “dynamism”.

A dynamic concept which also permeates the product itself, adding to our fabrics a contemporary dynamic performance.